The Agile UX Equation: How to Implement UserZoom Within Your Agile Framework [On-demand Webinar]

The Agile UX Equation: How to Implement UserZoom Within Your Agile Framework

The ability to obtain fast, cost effective testing results aligned with your development sprints is essential to making UX research part of the conversation in an agile development environment. Whether you’re preparing for a 2 week sprint in advance, or you have an “Ah-hah!” moment in a meeting with stakeholders, it’s all about being able to quickly and easily gather feedback, iterate, and do it again.

In this webinar, we will walk you through specific examples of how you can leverage UserZoom for UX insights even in the fast-paced world of agile development.


In this webinar on-demand, Sarah Tannehill, Product Manager and Former Director of UX Research at UserZoom, presents:

  • How to effectively scope and plan for a project to fit your agile sprint cadence
  • Use cases for how you can leverage UserZoom within an agile development cycle
  • A walkthrough of how you can quickly create a task-based study with UserZoom

About the webinar speaker


Sarah Tannehill
Product Manager at UserZoom

Sarah Tannehill is a Product Manager with a background in UX research and user centered design, and sees users as collaborators and idea generators when building any product. A lifelong California native and lover of outdoor adventures, when Sarah’s not tackling a new hike in the Yosemite Valley, she can be found passionately working towards optimizing UserZoom and advocating for the importance of practical and lean UX.