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With the most comprehensive set of UX research capabilities on the market together in one platform, UserZoom is more than just a tool. UserZoom enables you to uncover the insights that you rely on to make informed decisions, even as your research goals change, throughout the entire lifecycle of your products.

User Experience Measurement

Quantify the user experience and leverage statistically significant data in your design and development recommendations

Information Architecture Testing

Define your information architecture, test your navigation and validate that your taxonomy is intuitive

Agile Usability Testing

Make UX research part of your agile design and development sprints, with the powerful combination of user videos and data

User Feedback Monitoring

Continuously capture insights and track user behavior to make sure that you’re providing the most valuable experience

Get The Complete Story Behind Your Users’ Experiences

User Videos

Capture video and screen recordings of users as they walk you through their experience with your website or app. Leverage data to quickly identify problem areas and isolate the most valuable insights.

UX Metrics

Automate the collection of data across large, statistically significant representative populations to quantify the user experience, enabling you to make confident design and development recommendations.

Heatmaps & Clickstreams

Visualize how your users are behaving on your digital properties. See the paths they’re taking to complete their tasks with Clickstreams and where they’re clicking on pages with Heatmaps.


NPS & Ratings

Gather important information through surveys about whether users would recommend your brand to others, the ease of use of your website or app, user intent, brand perception and more.

Two Engagement Models Based On Your Needs And Bandwidth

Get going on your own

Quickly get started with our advanced self-service capabilities. Take advantage of our intuitive builder, pre-defined project templates, and automated dashboards that enable your team to make insightful decisions.

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Leverage our experts

Our diverse team of professional UX researchers are standing by to help at every step of the way with everything from strategic roadmapping to study design, targeted recruitment and in-depth data analysis.

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Validate, Test And Optimize Any UI


Test wireframes and prototypes early on to validate concepts


Test your desktop websites and applications from concept to launch


Test your mobile applications and websites with the same platform

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