5 Online Resources About the Role of UX and Usability in Companies’ Revenue

It’s no longer a myth that improved UX and usability leads to better sales and conversions. According to Peter Eckert, numerous industry studies have stated that every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return. Below is a collection of 5 online resources discussing why investing in UX is a great idea and how to calculate the revenue that it brings to the company.

1. Better Revenue Through UX

One of the best presentations during the MX Conference last year was a talk by Hotwire Group’s head of mobile, Melissa Matross. Hear Melissa’s story about how she found a way to get rid of the display ads and replace the revenue, how she dramatically improved the experience and Hotwire’s brand impression, and how this ignited her career.

Melissa Matross

2. Dollars And Sense: The Business Case For Investing In UI Design

Peter Eckert makes a strong point that “in a marketplace with very little differentiation among products and increasing complexity, companies that embrace usability early on will drive revenue, productivity, and customer loyalty.”

3. Usability as a Key Driver of Revenue

In this article, Jeff Sauro outlines the steps that will “allow you to more effectively prioritize your UX efforts and establish a link to revenue.”

4. How Your Website’s Usability Is Costing You Sales

This comprehensive article by Justin Mifsud explains how website usability is essential in order to increase sales and conversion rate. Justin says that “by focusing on how users interact with and “use” your website to achieve their goals, you could increase sales and conversions much faster and with less time and money spent than almost ANY other “traffic” generating initiative.”

Bad usability is costing you sales

5. Webinar: How to Measure the ROI of User Experience

One of the biggest challenges for UX Professionals is the ability to demonstrate the measurable value that they bring to products. However, in order to show the value that UX work brings and to get the resources they need, UXers must learn how to communicate in numbers with business stakeholders.

UserZoom invited Susan Weinschenk for this webinar to talk about different ways of calculating the ROI of user experience. You can view the recorded webinar and slides here.

Do you know of any other resources that talk about the role of UX and usability in companies’ revenue? Share in the comments below.

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