Upcoming Webinar – Skin in the Game: Getting Stakeholders Involved in Your UX Research

Delivering great user experience is a cross-functional effort (to say the least) and the strategic integration of UX throughout the organization can provide significant value to many more key stakeholders. Understanding who those stakeholders are and what makes them tick is essential to this partnership.

World IA Day 2017 – San Francisco

It’s that time of the year again, when a community of like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who share the common goal of practicing, learning, teaching and shaping the future of information architecture share our thoughts, ideas, and work within an open and welcoming environment.

What Do You Want To Test?

Let us show you how we’ve helped hundreds of companies unlock user insights with our user experience testing platform.

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UX Battle: Superbowl Edition featuring Instacart

We ran a quick UX benchmark study on Instacart to see how their online experience fared when a grocery need arises and no one wants to be the one to miss out. Here are the results.

Our 12 Favorite Books on UX Design & Research

If you’re anything like us, you probably have an ongoing Tetris battle trying to get more books in your bookcase (or e-readers, no judgement!) To ensure your battle continues, we asked our research team about the books that influenced their careers in some way. We present, in no particular order, our research team’s 12 favorite books. Enjoy!

London UX Event for Data-Driven Digital Business Executives

Are you interested in learning more about how UX Researchers in leading companies are managing UX as a key factor for increasing business performance? Join the UX Event for Data-Driven Digital Business Executives February 2nd 2017.

UX Helps You Avoid 4 Common Pitfalls In Design

There are some things designers often miss that cause problems for users which is why UX design plays an essential role in the success of your site or app. Here are four of the most common pitfalls to watch out for when working on your next design that UX can help you avoid.

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Drinking Our Own Champagne

We recently shared how we dogfooded the UserZoom platform using UserZoom. What we didn’t talk about was how we were simultaneously redesigning our website with UserZoom as well!

Predictions for UX Design & Research in 2017

Based on the trends and challenges we see organizations facing, here are the UX design & research predications and trends we predict for 2017.

Dogfooding UserZoom

Overall, dogfooding our own product throughout the development process has been an amazing learning experience. Listening to customers everyday means better and more successful products. What better way to do this, then UserZoom itself!