UserZoom’s Card Sorting solution is designed to help you define, structure, or improve the taxonomy and menu structure of your website.

Our solution allows you to:

  • Test an existing site structure or define a new one
  • Easily collect data with no moderation necessary
  • Be more cost-effective compared to in-lab testing as it doesn't require lab space, research moderation, or compensation for travel

What results do you get?

  • cardsorting-results-dendrograms Dendrograms
  • cardsorting-results-frequency Frequency by Category or Item
  • cardsorting-results-perparticipant Raw Data per Participant

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How does it work?

  • 1 Create your study

    cardsorting-create project
    Build a study. Include tasks and follow-up questions. Use logic to manage questions types and answer options.
  • 2Invite participants

    Invite participants via email, social media or a panel provider.
  • 3Launch, collect, analyze

    After you launch a study, you can obtain user data in real-time. Combine, filter and export results to various formats.

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What our customers have to say


Craig Spencer

UX Research Manager

There are lots of tools out there, which all do little bits, but don’t do the whole thing. The closest I find to doing the whole thing is the UserZoom platform.

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What makes our Card Sorting unique?

  • Test large samples to get statistical significance

    completes card sorting
    The more users you test, the more confident you can be in improving the labeling, grouping and organization of information on your site.
  • Randomize Questions within a Card Sorting study

    Within UserZoom's Card Sorting studies, you can choose to randomize questions, helping to reduce participant bias.
  • Choose from two methods: open or closed card sorts

    In an open card sort, participants create and label their own groups. In a closed card sort those groups can be pre-defined for participants.
  • Conduct Card Sorting using a desktop or a tablet device

    UserZoom's Card Sorting follows a responsive design, so participants can take studies on their desktop or iPad device
  • Insert images directly into Card Sorting studies

    Easily add images as items directly into your card sorts, where they can be selected and dragged directly into categories.
  • Customize the look & feel to reflect your brand

    Customize the look and feel of a study to best reflect your organization's brand identity

Spotlight Feature: Card Sorting for Tablets

UserZoom's Card Sorting for Tablets


UserZoom’s Card Sorting is now available for running studies on iPad tablet devices. With this feature researchers can offer a more intuitive participant experience by harnessing the power of the touch-screen interface technology.

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