UserZoom is the #1 Platform for Agile Usability Testing & User Experience Analytics. Our ‘Worry-Free’ solution offers a quantitative and qualitative research platform to help UX/CX, Product Managers and Marketing professionals test and measure all aspects of their web and mobile properties.

Our cost-effective, time-saving methodology allows our customers to collect data from a large or a small number of users in their natural environments in geographically spread locations. By combining scalable behavioral data with qualitative (Audio & Video with facial expressions) feedback we offer our customers the ability to inform better design decisions and drive conversions.

UserZoom’s cost effective solution takes the heavy lifting out of your testing. We offer a talented professional services team who can tackle all aspects of your recruiting and research needs so you can focus on the bigger picture.

With offices in 4 different countries, the company continues to grow and to develop new products and services, making UserZoom the #1 UX research solution in the market.

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Our Mission

Technology should be easy, useful and fun. Consumers today don’t just use products and services, they experience them! That’s why we want to help Businesses create and deliver awesome digital experiences and we do this by providing highly detailed, actionable data and consumer insights. We help zoom in on the UX of both websites and mobile apps, providing unique data that leads to a better design and, ultimately, increased ROI.

A Swiss Army Knife for UX Research

We offer the most versatile and comprehensive cloud-based solution for User Experience & Usability Research in the market.

Mad about UX

We’re focused. We carefully select the research capabilities, features and services with one goal in mind: Help our customers better understand online behavior and measure quality of the online experience.

Mad about Customer Service

We go the extra mile to help our customers be productive and successful. At UserZoom, Customer Service is as important as features and a huge part of our brand value proposition.

Since when and where?

UserZoom is in business since 2007 and has offices in Silicon Valley (CA), Barcelona (Spain), Manchester (UK) and Munich (Germany). The Co-Founding Team combine for over 50 years experience in the UX and Usability market.

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