UserZoom offers a mobile testing solution, which allows you to run task-based usability studies on mobile websites. Obtain quantitative and qualitative data from participants while they use their own smartphone or tablet.

Obtain Results Quickly
Run iterative testing throughout the development process. Fits well within the Agile methodology.

Manage your Budget
Save the amount you usually invest in a moderator and lab. Run tests faster than traditional in-lab studies.

Real User Context
At home or on the go, users can perform tasks on their own mobile device in their natural contexts.

What research can you perform?


Test Prototypes, Live Mobile Sites

Perform task-based studies to test and optimize mobile website prototypes before their final development phase in user’s natural context.

Conduct UX Benchmarking

Benchmark your own mobile site over time or analyze how you perform in comparison to your competition.

Improve the Multi-Device Experience

Run the same test on different mobile devices to identify the differences in users’ mobile experiences.

Conduct International Research

Since no moderation is required, you can test with users no matter where they are, as long as they have access to the Internet.

What results do you get?

Would you like to see the results for yourself?

How does it work?

  • 1 Create a Study

    Build a study with tasks for users to perform. Use logic and conditions to manage follow-up questions.
  • 2 Invite Participants

    Invite users via email, social media or a panel. Participants install a UserZoom Survey App to start the study. See one of the participants take a study.
  • 3 Analyze Results

    Obtain automatically generated data with graphs, user videos and session recordings. Filtering options make your analysis easy and efficient.

Would you like to experience it for yourself?

How our Customers benefit from Mobile Usability Testing


Michael Quek

Ecommerce User
Experience Manager

Michael Quek

In the retail industry, it´s very important that we understand how our customers are using our website & being able to action that.

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Why is UserZoom’s Mobile Web Usability Testing unique?

UserZoom’s Mobile Website Usability Testing solution is the only solution of its kind for testing mobile websites. Conduct true in-the-wild research under real-world conditions. No external camera is required.

  • Quant. and Qual. Data

    Collect quantitative (UX metrics) and qualitative (user videos) data in one study.

    Task Validation

    Validate task success by question, time or URL.

    Advanced Randomization

    Make each user do only one randomly selected task to limit the length of the study.

  • Sample Quality Control

    Exclude speeders and cheaters from your study.

    17 Languages Supported

    Conduct international research with our localized interface.

    Advanced Logic and Conditions

    Build a highly flexible study skipping users past unnecessary questions.

Other mobile research solutions for UserZoom Mobile

Highlight Feature: Mobile Recorder



Mobile Recorder allows you to record users’ screen interaction on your mobile website, hear their thoughts and see their facial expressions.

These video and audio capabilities combined with UserZoom’s quantitative UX metrics enable you to tell a complete story about your users’ mobile experience.

Learn more about Mobile Recorder.

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