Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing Increases Based on UPA Survey

According to the recent 2011 UPA Salary Survey which gathers salary and other job-related information from UPA members, some insightful facts and figures regarding the unmoderated remote usability testing space were revealed. Most importantly, Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing has increased 28% since 2009 (it wasn’t even listed as a research method in 2007!). Read on to find out more…

Our friend, Jeff Sauro, at MeasuringUsability.com has deciphered the results in full detail on his site, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • 82% of UX Professionals use SOME sort of usability testing (lab, unmoderated, moderated, eye tracking, etc)
  • 52% are conducting testing in a lab
  • 50% are conducting remote, moderated testing
  • 23% are conducting remote, unmoderated testing

(Note: Multiple methods could have been selected which is why results do not add up to 100%)

While this is great news for the growth of unmoderated remote usability testing tools (like UserZoom), more people (like those who are reading this article and are on our site!) should strongly consider adopting this increasingly popular method of testing in their research arsenal and advocate to their bosses that this will help their company achieve the full 360 degree perspective on their project’s user experience.

Check out UserZoom’s Pricing page or contact us to see if UserZoom can be a fit for your business.

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