A Great Tool for Information Design

Card Sorting is a technique used to help define, structure, or improve the taxonomy and menu structure of a product or website. With UserZoom’s Card Sorting solution, researchers can conduct remote, cost-effective studies and use large samples of participants, obtaining statistical significance.

With UserZoom’s reporting, card sorting analysis has never been easier. You can generate dendrograms (cluster analyses) to help define the overall structure of your site or information, view raw data by category, or by item, and see data by each participant.

Run Studies on a Desktop or Tablet

UserZoom’s card sorting solution is available on both desktops and on iPad tablets (compatibility for Android tablets will be rolled out soon!)

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Some of the Many Awesome Features

With UserZoom’s card sorting solution, researchers can offer a more intuitive participant experience by being able to:

  • Choose from two card sorting methods: Open or Closed

In an open card sort, participants create their own categories by dragging cards into groups that make the most sense to them, then they are asked to label each of the categories they create.

In a closed sort, researchers pre-define the categories into which cards will be arranged, and participants are asked to drag the cards into those categories.

  • Select from two interface options: Static or Dynamic

Static: The static interface is the basic card sorting interface, where participants are able to sort items into meaningful groups by dragging from the left and dropping on the right.

Dynamic: The dynamic interface caters to participants with higher screen resolutions, as they will have more space to organize card items and categories. Depending on how many items are in the box, the category boxes will dynamically adjust.

  • Add images: Easily add images as items in card sorts, so they can be selected and dragged directly into categories, eliciting user feedback
  • Harness improved flexibility: UserZoom’s card sort allows you to collapse/expand items on categories, delete a category and start again, decide when instructions should appear (all exercises or only the first one)

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