Mobile Testing Made Easy

Mobile usability testing is still relatively new, and poses considerable challenges for the UX professionals. Conducting this research in a lab requires time, a big budget and a pretty complex setup. As such, mobile testing is not always feasible.

UserZoom offers an awesome alternative with its brand new Remote Unmoderated Mobile Usability Testing Solution.

  1. Users participate simultaneously from their natural environment and context, which is absolutely key in mobile experience testing.
  2. Test hundreds of users and collect statistically significant data, quickly and cost-effectively.
  3. Collect both quantitative and qualitative data, including videos of each user session, gestures, effectiveness and efficiency ratios, survey responses, clickstreams, Net Promoter Score, and more. Now offering a Video Question capability that allows capturing audio and video of participants.
  4. Test any mobile website and/or a hosted prototype on both iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets). You can even test your competitors’ mobile site, since no coding is needed!

How It Works

The process of testing your mobile site with UserZoom is a breeze for both the researcher and the participant:

  1. Create a study with tasks that users should perform and follow-up questions. You can do this using your UserZoom account.
  2. Invite your participants via email, social media or a panel.
  3. Once participants click on your study link, they’ll be prompt to install a simple UserZoom Survey App, which would enable them to participate in your study.

A sample video below shows a user participating in one of UserZoom mobile demo studies. We recommend that you watch it in HD and full screen.

Don’t let the complexity of Mobile Usability Testing be a hurdle on the road to success of building a great mobile experience. Test your mobile site before or after a launch and even test competitors’ sites to ensure that your customers and visitors have a pleasant user experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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