Why Content is as Important as Navigation, and What You Can Do About It

When optimising the user experience of a digital platform, the primary focus is often on ensuring users can navigate toward where they need to be. However, navigation in and of itself does not always define a great user experience.

Online experiences can have great navigation but then fail at the content level. Users may be able to find things quickly, and in the way that you intended, but they can then struggle to interpret the information that they are presented with when they reach their destination.

“It’s great when sites have good navigation. But too often we see the user experience fail at the content level: People can navigate to the content but don’t understand it.

Hoa Loranger, Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group

What You'll Get From the Webinar

Lots of user experience research rightly focuses on making sure it is simple for users to find the thing that they are looking for, but to create better user experiences, more attention needs to be paid to delivering useful and usable content.

Content that delivers what is intended can have a huge impact on improving user experience; good content can leave users feeling satisfied and confident they have the information they need to complete their task. However, few companies have given content testing and research the attention it deserves.

To understand why testing content can be invaluable, you can join this webinar, hosted by Lee Cooper, VP of Professional Services EMEA at UserZoom, and Rachel Parker, UX Research Manager at Sky UK. Lee and Rachel will share their vast experiences in this area, so you can understand how to effectively evaluate content through user research.  The examples they will share include how UserZoom has enabled Sky to do evaluate their content, and the value this has brought to their business.

Featuring a case study illustrating how remote unmoderated studies have helped Sky, this webinar will also assess the impact of videos on customers comprehension and understanding. This is of particular importance to a number of organisations who are moving more and more of their content to video. The webinar will also cover several methodologies and approaches available to test content, and will also include a Q&A on the topic with our speakers.

When You Can Join

UserZoom will be hosting this webinar live on Thursday 7th December, at 4pm GMT / 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern. To register to join, just click below. If you're unable to join us on the day, we'll update all those that register with the webinar to view on-demand.

About the Speakers

The webinar will be led by Lee Cooper, VP of Professional Services EMEA at UserZoom. Lee's role sees him interact with and advise UserZoom's EMEA clients on a daily basis, including how to best achieve their research goals.  Lee has over fifteen years industrial experience in UX research and design. Roles at Google, and Nokia have allowed Lee to impact on products and services used by millions of people, daily, across the globe. He has a PhD in Interactive Systems Design from Birmingham University and a BSc in Psychology from Glasgow University.

Lee will be joined by Rachel Parker, UX Research Manager at Sky UK. Rachel has been a UX Research Manager at Sky since 2015, where she has managed a range of UX projects through both in-lab and remote un-moderated research. Rachel has a Masters in Forensic Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University, and prior to joining Sky she was Lead User Experience Practitioner at Simple Usability.