What Your Audience Wants From Your Site (But Doesn’t Know How to Ask)

UX design can alter the perception and exposure of a brand, big or small. With the right touch you can bring out the personality of a business. But that’s the trick, isn't it? Identifying and zeroing in on what an audience wants.

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Product Update: IntelliZoom, the Intelligent Participant Sourcing Engine, and Screener Capabilities

At Userzoom we know that quickly finding the right participants for your UX research matters. This is why we built IntelliZoom, UserZoom’s Intelligent Participant Sourcing Engine, and new screener capabilities to make sourcing participants for your usability studies and UX research faster, better, easier and more precise.


UX STRAT conferences are carefully curated for UX / CX leaders and experienced professionals who want to develop a more strategic approach to their product and service design programs. UX STRAT presentations are case studies about how leaders within the experience design field organize, analyze, innovate, and communicate.