Lee’s been working in remote research for longer than most (as far back as 2008 AD when he founded WhatUsersDo). Lee is passionate about putting UX insight at the heart of decisions, so it’s just as well his focus at UserZoom is to help brands become customer focused by making research BAU.


Q&A with Jakob Nielsen: Is UX Still Relevant?

Website analytics such as A/B testing and data mining tools are becoming more widespread, allowing companies to gain ever-deeper insights into their users and customers. At the same time, users are getting more sophisticated as exposure to technology and the internet gets more commonplace. As part of our…

Q&A with Jakob Nielsen: How to Prioritise Your UX Projects

Many UXers face the challenge of addressing multiple usability issues across different areas of a business.  With so many variables in play—the needs of your users, the needs of the business, and the scope of the project—this can become a fine balancing act. So how do you prioritise which projects to tackle…