Neil Sheppard has been a UX copywriter and content strategist for nearly a decade. Starting out as a pharmaceutical stock markets journalist, Neil quickly moved into digital copywriting, managing a team optimising product content for a busy commercial website. Nowadays, Neil helps companies create easy-to-use internal websites and digital employee manuals that make complex processes simple for everyone from CEOs to service desk agents.


10 UX design trends to look out for in 2020

Looking at the immediate future of UX design and beyond, Neil Sheppard warns against getting too excited about AI, apps and mega-navs but recommends getting VERY excited for white space, walk-through tools and the ‘internet of places’. I’m going to go out on a limb…

Andon Cord: How to deal with the failure of UX

Good UX can saves lives. Good UX can lead to increased sales and fun apps on your phone, but it can also increase charity donations, speed up the response time of emergency services and prevent life-threatening catastrophes by making safety and operation processes easy and…