Neil Sheppard has been a UX copywriter and content strategist for nearly a decade. Starting out as a pharmaceutical stock markets journalist, Neil quickly moved into digital copywriting, managing a team optimising product content for a busy commercial website. Nowadays, Neil helps companies create easy-to-use internal websites and digital employee manuals that make complex processes simple for everyone from CEOs to service desk agents.


Why consistency is vital in UX design

In which Neil Sheppard argues that, when it comes to website UX design, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it consistently. Imagine visiting a website for a specific purpose… You enter the URL and you’re met by a blank screen….

Craigslist: success without design

Craig Newmark moved to San Francisco at the height of the internet boom in the mid-1990s. He found it hard to make friends and meet connections in the industry, so he started a newsletter. Just a simple, regular email listing local developer meet-ups and events…