Phil got his degree in creative writing, where they told him he most likely wouldn’t be able to use his degree for his career. He obviously won that round. When not working with UX researchers he can be found teaching martial arts and working on his fiction novels.


Our 12 Favorite Books on UX Design & Research

If you’re anything like us, you probably have an ongoing Tetris battle trying to get more books in your bookcase (or e-readers, no judgement!) To ensure your battle continues, we asked our research team about the books that influenced their careers in some way. We present, in no particular order, our research team’s 12 favorite books. Enjoy!

Crafting Great Hypotheses

Make discoveries, not noise. As part of our ongoing kick-off to UX testing in 2016, we’ve gone over how to form a UX research strategy by aligning company goals with product goals, and how to choose the right studies to form a UX research roadmap….