UserZoom Partners with AccessWorks

By including users with disabilities in your testing, you will learn a lot about your site, plus you will know that you are helping to ensure access for all people, regardless of their ability.

Webinar: The Agile UX Equation – How to Implement UserZoom Within Your Agile Framework

The ability to obtain fast, cost effective testing results aligned with your development sprints is essential to making UX research part of the conversation in an agile development environment. Whether you’re preparing for a 2 week sprint in advance, or you have an “Ah-hah!” moment in a meeting with stakeholders, it’s all about being able to quickly and easily gather feedback, iterate, and do it again.

How UX Booth Redesigned Their Homepage With UserZoom

Ideally, testing a new design should be easy to do, and it should provide valuable feedback. With UserZoom, we were able to do both – even on a tight timeline, with limited availability. We recommended UserZoom before based on individual experiences and stories from our readers. Now we recommend them even more, based on our experience at UX Booth.

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Let us show you how we’ve helped hundreds of companies unlock user insights with our user experience testing platform.

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UXPA Toronto 2017

UXPA International Conference, the most influential user experience annual event in the world, will be held in Toronto on June 6-8, 2017. UserZoom is a proud sponsor of UXPA 2017 International Conference and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Enterprise UX 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Enterprise UX 2017 is back June 7-9. Enterprise UX 2017 is for people who care about delivering great enterprise experiences—whether you work within an enterprise or for an enterprise software vendor.

How Marketers Can Better Communicate With Customers to Get More Actionable Insights

Success in terms of marketing (and business in general) comes down to a very simple idea: you’re trying to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. How can you make sure that this actually happens more often than not? Simple: you need to start communicating with your audience better.

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Webinar: The Agile UX Equation – Constructing a Powerful, but Lightweight Process

One of the biggest challenges of designing user experiences in an agile world is fitting into agile processes. Compounding this challenge is that it can sometimes it can feel like engineers are from Mars and designers are from Venus. This is why it’s integral to find ways of making user experience techniques more lean and agile.

A New UX Maturity Model

For at least ten years now I have been collecting UX and CX Maturity Models. I’ve never really been completely satisfied with the ones I’ve found, and the main reason has been that I felt that the framework and level of detail was not appropriate for the executives with whom I’m engaging with regularly. So this year I finally decided to write my own.