How Marketers Can Better Communicate With Customers to Get More Actionable Insights

Success in terms of marketing (and business in general) comes down to a very simple idea: you’re trying to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. How can you make sure that this actually happens more often than not? Simple: you need to start communicating with your audience better.

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A New UX Maturity Model

For at least ten years now I have been collecting UX and CX Maturity Models. I’ve never really been completely satisfied with the ones I’ve found, and the main reason has been that I felt that the framework and level of detail was not appropriate for the executives with whom I’m engaging with regularly. So this year I finally decided to write my own.

Pulse 2017 – The Ultimate Customer Success Event

This is it. The big one. If you work in any post-sales or customer-facing role, you simply can’t afford to miss the definitive global networking and learning conference in Customer Success.

Why online usability testing works

Online usability testing for web products and mobile apps is a quick, reliable way of answering the question “Can people use the product?” Compared to traditional, in-person usability testing, conducting online usability testing has several advantages.

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UX Boot Camp for Agile Development

UX Boot Camps for Agile Development is a one-day course for lean and agile professionals that want to improve how they integrate the right amount of just-in-time UX to meet their business objective and deliver the optimal customer experience that creates long-term sustainable market and revenue growth.

Does conversation hurt or help chatbot UX?

This article explores when conversation benefits and when conversation hurts chatbot UX. I walk through case studies for both sides of the argument and compare divergent opinions from Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, who advises bot makers to deprioritize open-ended chat, and Steve Worswick, the creator of “the most human chatbot,” who encourages developers to invest in truly conversational experiences.