Join us for a live AMA session on 22nd April, where we’ll be joined by Amy Johansson, Senior UX Writer and Customer Journey Specialist at IKEA.

Time & Place: 1 hour on 22nd April, Wednesday at 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11am ET / 8am PT  |  On our BetterUX Community Slack channel

Amy has 20 years of experience in public affairs and copywriting before reaching the promised land of UX writing. She studied film undergrad at NYU film school. Back then, creating film and TV experiences was the best way to meet the public where they were. But now, it’s definitely experience design for digital platforms that places us firmly in public consciousness.

Amy went on to study at London School of Economics and Data Science – that was a lot of research methodology and the beginning of her UX background.

She first started working in Sweden as a teacher and freelance technical copywriter (this was what UX writing was called before UX writing became an official term). She then got on board a project at IKEA. She’d be writing not just for the way the words sound but write to reflect the general attitudes and behaviours of the target user demographic. She talks about the research process, localisation, and UX writing at IKEA in our recent interview.

She’s always interested in tech but was gender-socialised out of it when she was 8. She’s now happy to be back where she always wanted to be. Currently, she’s working on IKEA’s first chatbot and the new design system/tone of voice guide.

Connect with Amy on LinkedIn.

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