It’s time for the UserZoom content machine to set its out of office reply to, “sorry we’re unable to respond, we’ve found the secret supply of mince pies and sherry (UK) / pumpkin pies and eggnog (US)” and say a huge thank you for all your support in 2019.

We’re very grateful to all our readers, contributors, customers, partners and experts who made this the best ever year for UserZoom and our newly re-branded BetterUX Blog.

We’re signing off now until January 2020, but in the meantime, we’d like to highlight some of the most popular, useful and downright entertaining resources we published this year – and for added handiness, I’ve categorised them into these themes and trends…

  • Integrating research into product development
  • Benchmarking user experience
  • Democratizing UX
  • Participant recruitment
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • UX design
  • Running user research
  • Product management
  • Drinking our own Champagne
  • UX Battles of the Week
  • State of UX: the current landscape and beyond!

As is tradition, I’ve also interspersed proceedings with Christmas-themed Awkward Family Photos, because it gives me an airtight excuse for looking at that website during working hours.


Integrating research into product development

The number one challenge faced by UX teams in 2019 is figuring out how to make user research actually work within the product development lifecycle. With the following content, you can certainly meet that challenge head-on:

Benchmarking user experience

UX Benchmarking has seen a dramatic increase in adoption over the last 12 months, as more teams realise they can prove the value of research with metrics that appeal to the C-Suite. In 2018, 21% reported conducting benchmarking, while in 2019 this has jumped to 35%. Here’s some helpful content that should help you hit the ground running:

Democratizing UX

Get UX insights faster, and at scale, by spreading UX education beyond the walls of you team and empowering other people in your organization to run their own user research. Here are a few resources to help you realise the dream:

Participant recruitment

A perennial thorn-in-the-side of most user researchers; recruiting the ‘right’ participants is a complex challenge in planning, practice and execution. But, it doesn’t have to be this way:

participant recruiting

Stakeholder buy-in

Put down the megaphone, file away the endless spreadsheets of data, and for goodness sake take 75% of those slides out of your presentation, because getting stakeholder buy-in for user research just got a whole lot easier:

UX design

Here’s some of our best 2019 content about making cool stuff AND making sure the user is at the centre of everything you do.

Running user research

Of course our annual parade of content wouldn’t be the same without our signature, practical, plain-speaking guides on running user research in all its forms:

Product management

What makes a successful working relationship between UX design and Product Management? The answers you seek are right here:

post it note prototypes

Drinking our own Champagne

This year we pulled back the curtain and revealed our own Product UX research process. In the following ‘meta’ pieces of content we introduce you to the team, reveal how we use our own platform to improve our own UX and highlight how we’re expanding in 2020.

UX Battles of the Week

We put the biggest brands on the planet in head-to-head UX battles to see which one offers true usability and which one hits the mat with a dull thud.

Here are three of the mightiest grudge matches:

State of UX: the current landscape and beyond!

This year we proudly revealed our second annual State of UX in the Enterprise survey results, and with it a whole helpful wealth of content around the current and future landscape of UX and the role of user research in organizations:

We’ll see you in January for more insight, more expert opinions, more practical guidance, and best of all, more heartwarming moments of family joy. Happy holidays 🙂

Images from Awkward Family Photos.