Better UX London 2018 - Speaker Sessions

Why UX? Why now?

Speakers: Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO and co-founder
Company: UserZoom

Alfonso kicked off the day with an overview of the current and future direction of both UserZoom and the UX landscape. It’s an exciting time for the democratisation and consumerization of UX and what could be more exciting than the launch of a new and improved UserZoom - one that allows you to build studies more easily, source test participants across the US and EMEA, and turn your analysis into easily consumable, actionable insights - all from a blend of quantitative AND qualitative research.

How UX testing has underpinned conversation design

Speaker: Jamie Lord, Senior Manager User Experience
Company: O2

Jamie took to the stage to talk through the process of updating the O2 homepage from a dated, sales-focused page to one with a more personalised to the wants and needs of any given visitor.
Through user testing, Jamie and the team discovered a few truths about their customers and began prioritising these needs on the homepage using a simple mantra of ’Stop. Look. Listen. Keep evolving’.

"All it takes is a conversation..."

Speaker: Duncan Malcolm and Warren De Villiers, Product Manager
Company: Currencies Direct

This was followed with a look at how Currencies Direct evolved their approach from stakeholder-opinion-driven product development to user-centric design. The new approach drew together a number of facets, including adopting proven design patterns, using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative feedback and saying NO to internal stakeholder opinion.
This led to a ‘conversational design’, which could deliver easy-to-use UI, and reflected their friendly yet professional approach to customer engagement.

Embedding UX into a large organisation

Speaker: Kathryn McDonnell, User Experience Specialist
Company: Elsevier

This information and analytics company went from only having one UX researcher, no documentation on the state of usability and only running the occasional focus group, to building their own UX metrics and scores based on both qual and quant insight. Her key teachings were about how to embed UX into your organisation by presenting video clips of significant issues to both stakeholders AND teams.

10 top tips to hack any digital optimisation program

Speaker: Dan Ingamells, Digital Optimisation Manager and Mike Fawcett, Web Optimisation Specialist
Company: Directline and Esure

Work bestfriends Dan and Mike teamed up to deliver a high-energy presentation on their six tips to hack your digital optimisation program. This included fighting the hippo (highest paid person’s opinion), the value of A/B testing if you don’t have any IT support, and that even the ‘losing’ test has value.

How to start a user revolution

Speaker: Paul Boag, Leader in Digital Strategy & User Experience Design
Company: Boagworld

To round off the day with verve, we welcomed Paul who inspired our delegates to Start a User Experience Revolution! Paul reiterated how the need to become more user-centric may be obvious to us - but not to the people, clients or companies we work with. However there is hope - if you’re willing to play the long game…

Paul’s presentation has to be seen to be believed