The Interactive Marketing team at Education Management Corporation (EDMC) oversees the online marketing efforts of four institutions of higher learning including The Art Institutes, Brown Mackie College, Argosy University, South University and Western State University. 

The Brown Mackie College online marketing strategy team was the first of EDMC’s institutions to enlist the assistance of UserZoom.

Slating for a redesign, the strategy team started intercepting 100% of visitor traffic over 30 days and asking visitors for their perspective on how they enjoy the overall experience of the site.

UserZoom has allowed the team to gain open-ended feedback from first time visitors in an effort to enhance the overall experience and, in the near future, true intent surveys will be rolled out across all EDMC school sites.


“We were up and running with our survey in just a few days giving us information and insight we wished we had all these years.  UserZoom instantly filled the gap between our users and our marketing strategy teams… we’re hearing our users and responding with the necessary changes to enhance the user experience.” – Amy Shields, MBA, Senior Interactive Director, Brown Mackie College

“Our stakeholders required a flexible tool and interface allowing the strategy team to implement an online survey without interfering with the workload of our development team.  UserZoom’s intuitive admin interface and knowledgeable support staff made it easy to create a survey in a matter of hours.  Making changes was also a breeze and we didn’t have to change one line of code to update the survey, it just works.” – Michael Mainier, D.Sc., Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, EDMC Interactive Marketing.

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