What sample size do you really need for UX research?

When it comes to sample size for usability testing there are multiple, often conflicting, one-liners like, "Five is enough" and "Eight is not enough." The best answer to what sample size you need depends on what it is you're trying to solve. Join us as we demystify the age old question of sample size.

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Webinar: The Agile UX Equation – How to Implement UserZoom Within Your Agile Framework

The ability to obtain fast, cost effective testing results aligned with your development sprints is essential to making UX research part of the conversation in an agile development environment. Whether you’re preparing for a 2 week sprint in advance, or you have an “Ah-hah!” moment in a meeting with stakeholders, it’s all about being able to quickly and easily gather feedback, iterate, and do it again.

Incorporating Agile UX research: Part 2 – Logistics

It can be an adjustment if you’re transitioning from a traditional Waterfall culture to Agile. There are, however, some logistical and team adjustments you can make to more easily incorporate UX research in an Agile environment. I’ve found taking advantage of Agile’s focus on collaboration between cross functional team members can actually maximize the impact UX research is able to have across the board.

Incorporating Agile UX Research: Part 1 – Setup

As Agile UX teams are able to figure out how to fit research into sprints, making sure the data collected gets appropriately analyzed and then actually used can still be troublesome. In this series, we’ll discuss challenges of integrating UX research into sprints and some strategies to overcome those struggles.

Dogfooding UserZoom

Overall, dogfooding our own product throughout the development process has been an amazing learning experience. Listening to customers everyday means better and more successful products. What better way to do this, then UserZoom itself!