ING Case Study

Due to the complexity of maintaining an outstanding and evolving digital banking experience, the UX team at ING Spain turned to UserZoom to help investigate, identify, and provide solutions to their needs. Download the full case study to learn more about how UserZoom is able to support ING in aligning their goals of their customers with the goals of their business.

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At Yodlee, UserZoom is able to provide a one-woman UX team with the scalable insights she needs to remain user focused and continue producing standout experiences that are fueling the changing face of financial technology Challenges A UX team of one serving multiple internal teams…


With UserZoom, Lenovo was able to get a holistic view of their customer journey from researching a product to post purchase support. By utilizing the video data and open data, UserZoom was able to uncover not only what happened during the journey but also why.

RS Components

RS selected UserZoom because of its innovative range of services, which matched the company’s current needs and future functional development, especially remote customer testing.

Shop Direct

Shop Direct was able to identify significant usability issues and potential failure rates on both designs, leading to a final validated solution to be rolled out across all brands.


UserZoom helped Monster build a better user experience using large sample sizes across different markets, identifying opportunities for improvement in a very short period and capturing longitudinal metrics to demonstrate improvement over time.


Deployment of UserZoom has empowered Bupa with the ability to plan development 6 months in advance informed by solid and robust quantitative and qualitative data.


Paypal’s research team uses multiple research methods to provide a complete story about the customer experience and to gain credibility with their decision makers.