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How to Spread Holiday Cheer (And Entice Holiday Shoppers)

There’s a very good reason Black Friday earned its name. Many businesses operate in the red throughout the year, but the day after Thanksgiving marks a period of profit for them as shoppers step up their spending. The big question, then, is how are you going to reach those shoppers and take advantage of your most profitable time of year?

Kings of Conversions

The ROI of UX Research in Conversion Rate Optimization Projects While online retailers deploy methods such as A/B testing and web analytics, only about 22% of them are satisfied with their conversion rates according to Econsultancy’s 2014 Conversion Rate Optimization Report. User Experience Research, interestingly enough, is…

Mastering Conversion Rate Optimization in 6 Steps

6 Steps to improve Conversion Rates thanks to Online User Experience Testing Last year, A/B-Testing was once again the most widely used method for conversion rate optimization according to Ecosultancy’s and Redeye’s Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2014. 67% of surveyed companies stated that A/B-Testing was their preferred method, which is…