Four key highlights from our Competitive Healthcare UX Benchmark

Great user experience matters for digital experiences across all industries yet many websites catering to the health insurance market fall short. We ran a competitive healthcare UX benchmark with four companies to see who offered the best experience and highlighted areas for improvement.

See who won

UX Battle of the Week: Adidas vs. Under Armour

We ran a quick competitive UX benchmark study between Adidas and Under Armour, two internationally known fitness clothing and accessories retailers, to see how users experienced navigational and core tasks, as well as how they rated their overall experience on these websites.

Competitive UX Benchmark Study: Healthcare Industry

UserZoom compared four Health Insurance websites across multiple states using both qualitative think-out-loud usability testing and task based large sample usability studies with screen recording. Download the full healthcare competitive benchmark to learn more about how UserZoom is able to test competitive sites in order to learn best practices and identify areas for improvement.

Expert Tips for Running Competitive UX Benchmarks

Gain critical insights into your competitive landscape. Making changes to a site or app without measuring the outcomes, either positively or negatively in regards to UX/usability and other metrics, means that companies are operating in a void. There’s no context for better or worse, just…

How to Choose Which KPIs to Measure in a UX Benchmark

Determine which UX KPIs fit best with current business objectives. The beautiful thing about UX benchmarking is all the choices it offers to companies. Not only can they conduct UX benchmarking on a great many things – prototypes, desktop sites, mobile sites, native apps, even…

What Can You UX Benchmark?

Manage every stage of the customer journey. In our previous post we highlighted the benefits of UX benchmarking, and why executives should be vocal advocates of measuring and monitoring usability KPIs. While we mentioned that KPIs could be measured via a UX benchmark on sites and…