Attitudes & Usage (A&U) testing with UserZoom – UX Case Study

Get a better understanding of customers' changing needs across different product lines, understand the demand for types of potential new digital products and deliver all these insights in less time and for a fraction of the cost of similar studies

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How to run an effective Design Sprint

Running a Design Sprint can be an effective way to solve problems and validate ideas at the earliest stages of product development. Let’s take a practical look at how this process can help you understand customer problems, develop an effective prototype and surface actionable insights…

Lee Duddell, Senior Director of UX Research, on ‘Common mistakes rookies make when testing (and how to overcome them)’

Lee Duddell, UserZoom’s Senior Director of UX Research, reveals some of the mistakes that newbies make when they’re running tests for the first time and how they can avoid them.  In the following video and transcript of his talk at BetterUX London 2019, Lee takes…