A quick start guide to running user research in Agile

This is a guide for UX and research practitioners who have either newly joined an organization that’s using the Agile methodology, or their current product…

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Informed & Agile – Test Driven Design with Jon Innes

Do you find yourself sprinting without a clear direction? Pushing feature after feature out, only to wonder if your app or website is really getting better? Join Jon Innes of UX Innovation in a webinar where he will discuss how to improve your sprints by incorporating UX/usability metrics that the whole team can use to measure progress on your agile journey as a product team.

Dispelling four common Agile UX myths

How new techniques and tools are helping UX and usability testing fits into Agile sprints. Ensuring usability issues are considered when developing web and app-based platforms is extremely beneficial when it comes to perfecting user experience, and an Agile approach to software development offers the perfect opportunity…