The Online Shopping Experience: Benchmarking Four Ecommerce Websites in the Retail Industry

Did you know that online shopping cart abandonment rates are at an all-time high? In some cases, the rate has reached as high as 80%! Join us for another UX deep-dive where our UX Research team will discuss a competitive UX benchmark study UserZoom ran with four Ecommerce websites in the Retail industry.

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Five super-smooth ecommerce checkouts

If your website has done the hard work of taking customers through a landing page to the point where they’ve added items to their shopping baskets, it’s a shame if poor ecommerce checkout design lets the side down. It happens though. A good checkout will…

21 expert opinions on ecommerce checkout UX

To celebrate the release of our latest Ecommerce UX competitive benchmark report we asked 21 experts their opinions on the ecommerce checkout process. In particular, what’s one thing that retailers are doing wrong and what’s one thing they’re doing right? You could be thinking of a thousand things…