Demystifying Statistics: What is p and what does p < 0.05 mean?

This blog series aims to demystify some of the common questions we get on statistics. In this blog post we will be talking about what a p-value actually is, why does it have to be less than 0.05, and how they can help with making decisions in your UX research.

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A Metrics-Based Model of the 21st Century Enterprise

Most UXers spend a lot of time developing and refining methods to capture the user’s perspective, but there is far less time spent learning and practicing how to make a strong business case for their findings. We’ve experienced this vividly and have developed a framework to present an updated model of the various metrics collected within an organization to help UXers make a precise and defensible case for their work.

The Importance of Accessibility Testing

Today, there are many things to consider when designing digital products. A delightful experience and great usability are rocketing to the top of the list as more and more companies understand that experience is a key differentiator for the modern consumer. There is, however, one critical area that can sometimes be overlooked: accessibility for people with various disabilities.