Telling Your UX Metrics Story – The 21st Century Metrics Model

Join Kuldeep Kelkar, SVP of Global UX Research at UserZoom and Asha Fereydouni, UX Researcher at UserZoom, in a webinar as they share a powerful framework that connects design/UX metrics to product, enterprise, and financial metrics to help you make a precise and defensible case for your work.

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Does conversation hurt or help Chatbot UX?

This article explores when conversation benefits and when conversation hurts chatbot UX. I walk through case studies for both sides of the argument and compare divergent opinions from Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, who advises bot makers to deprioritize open-ended chat, and Steve Worswick, the creator of “the most human chatbot,” who encourages developers to invest in truly conversational experiences.

How to Capture User Experience Metrics

Here’s a great article from Kim Oslob in the UX Matters Magazine. How many times have you wondered how you can collect meaningful and significant user experience metrics to validate your research? Many researchers struggle with this same dilemma on a daily basis. For example,…