How to improve Customer Experience with Mobile Usability Testing

Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Offering. A bad mobile experience can turn away customers for good, which is why professionals are well-advised to evaluate and…

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5 Reasons for Going Remote with Mobile Website Usability Testing

Mobile websites and applications have become an extension of living and functioning in a fast paced and consumer-focused world. It is now more important than ever to build pleasurable mobile usage experience. By conducting user research using the unmoderated remote methodology, researchers can now easily get right to the meat of a real-world mobile web or application usage experience.

Mobile UX Research: An Interview with Danielle Arvanitis

One summer, Danielle Arvanitis fell in love with a Macintosh—and a passion for user experience was born. Since earning a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies at the University of North Texas, she has worked as a user researcher, interaction designer, and consultant on Web and…