Simple, Secure and Scalable Moderated Research [On-demand Webinar]

Watch our webinar, where our Product team will update you with the details of our new remote moderates testing solution, and demonstrate how you can use your new virtual lab to get the user insights that power great experiences.

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UserZoom Acquires YouEye — The CEO’s Perspective

The integrated UserZoom / YouEye platform combines the best of both worlds — scalable quantitative data with sophisticated and agile qualitative feedback. By combining our two companies, UserZoom will now have a more robust platform and greater capabilities, which expands our market opportunity both for new and existing customers.

Crafting Great Hypotheses

Make discoveries, not noise. As part of our ongoing kick-off to UX testing in 2016, we’ve gone over how to form a UX research strategy by aligning company goals with product goals, and how to choose the right studies to form a UX research roadmap….

Choosing the Right Study for UX Insights

Getting the right insights means asking the right questions. In our previous article we discussed how to formulate the right UX research strategy for your company by aligning company-wide goals with product and UX research roadmaps. In this article we’ll take it a step further…

Choosing the Right UX Research Strategy

Strategy to Succeed: Align product and UX research roadmaps with business goals. With the new year upon us many companies are evaluating their corporate strategies to succeed in the year to come. This often begins by looking at what worked well in the past year…