Five challenges of remote user research and how to deal with them

Remote user research and testing has never been more at the forefront of UX researchers’ minds and toolkits. Whether adopting remote out of necessity or…

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5 Value-Packed Podcasts Every User Experience Enthusiast Should Subscribe to

Sensitive to your jam-packed schedule, we are aware that the delivery of information is key, which is why we recommend listening to these 5 value-packed podcasts for User Experience enthusiasts. Podcasts are spreading like wildfire, there’s a huge urgency to produce intelligent, cutting-edge content. The best thing about podcasts? They’re time-efficient, painfully convenient, and easy to consume

One of The Best Weeks for User Experience History

This past week a group of very smart and savvy business people invested a total of $80m in two companies that help companies conduct testing and manage UX. As the news heading actually says, UserTesting, ClickTale Raise Combined $80M to Improve Customer Experience in Digital Age. Now that’s an unprecedented scenario and one ALL UXers should feel pretty good about…

Our Top 10 Unforgettable
UX Reads of 2014

2015 started with a bang! But…before we close the books and move on to new trends and hot, emerging topics, let’s take a quick look back at our most read, liked and shared, top 10 unforgettable articles from UserZoom published in 2014.

UserZoom Recorder Review

On April 23, 2014, UserZoom announced a new qualitative feature, UserZoom Recorder. The new feature records the participants on-screen activity, keyboard/mouse input, their facial expressions, and audio simultaneously. Participants can think-aloud as they walk through tasks on either desktop or mobile devices. I asked the…