[Winter ‘19 Product Release Highlight] How to Master UserZoom’s Latest Study Builder & Extract Meaningful UX Insights

It’s never been easier to create studies and extract UX insights. UserZoom's Winter '19 release is NOW LIVE and includes a range of enhancements that make creating and monitoring studies even easier than before. We're also bringing you additional features within an enriched Results Beta - including Video Transcripts! View this webinar on-demand where our product experts take you through a deep-dive into our latest features, showing you how you can empower your research.

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How to create personas using Google Analytics

In this ‘how-to’ guide, we reveal how you can create multiple buyer personas using all that lovely aggregated data found in Google Analytics. With huge thanks to UX Researcher George Kalyvas, whose webinar provides the content for this article. First thing’s first, a little refresher for…

In defence of the term ‘users’

The pros, cons and alternatives to describing humans as ‘users’. It’s true though. The word ‘users’ has a bit of a negative connotation even in a technology context, perhaps bringing to mind a drone-like individual passively interacting with an interface or product. UXers have long…