What’s the difference between formative and summative usability testing?

When it comes to usability testing, many are unaware that there are two types of evaluations that can be conducted during the product design and…

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Competitive UX Benchmark Study: Ecommerce/Retail Industry

Online shopping cart abandonment rates are at an all-time high, which is exactly why retailers continue to optimize their Ecommerce websites year over year, attempting to combat this alarming trend. Check out our latest Competitive UX Benchmark Report offering key recommendations to teams who are focused on optimizing and delivering great customer experiences within the Ecommerce/Retail industry.

Competitive UX Benchmark Study: Healthcare Industry

UserZoom compared four Health Insurance websites across multiple states using both qualitative think-out-loud usability testing and task based large sample usability studies with screen recording. Download the full healthcare competitive benchmark to learn more about how UserZoom is able to test competitive sites in order to learn best practices and identify areas for improvement.

Battle of the Week: Box vs OneDrive Part II

UserZoom ran a task-based benchmark study between Box and Microsoft’s OneDrive to compare the experience of finding information online. In the end, Box’s users were twice as likely to recommend the site than OneDrive’s users. Want to know why? Take a closer look at the benchmark companion piece to find out….