Competitive UX Benchmark Study: Online Banking Industry

UserZoom’s latest Competitive UX Benchmark Report offers key recommendations to teams who are focused on optimizing and delivering great customer experiences within the Banking industry.

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Battle of the Week: Box vs OneDrive Part II

UserZoom ran a task-based benchmark study between Box and Microsoft’s OneDrive to compare the experience of finding information online. In the end, Box’s users were twice as likely to recommend the site than OneDrive’s users. Want to know why? Take a closer look at the benchmark companion piece to find out.

3 Areas Fitness Apps Could Test with UX Benchmarking

America is obsessed with dieting and fitness. Despite spending billions each year, the public still struggles to reach their weight loss and athletic goals. The need for better tools to track food intake, the ability to watch macro nutrient breakdowns (how much protein or fat…

Applying for a Job Online: Candidate UX Benchmarking

The job search is both exciting and frustrating. Taking the next step in your career is all about embracing the possibilities, and gaining new experience, a higher income, and expanded impact. At the same time, many job searchers find the process discouraging. Candidates can often…