The Human Touch: how your digital interfaces can help keep users company in lockdown

We’re all going through something right now. For many people, this is the most isolated they’ve ever been and your service may offer them the…

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Website Redesign: Tips & Considerations for Developing a Research Plan

A User Experience professional will most likely be involved in a website redesign project once every two years or so (I have no data, just basing this on anecdotal evidence). It helps to recognize that there are patterns most redesign projects go through; even if each redesign situation is unique, there is always anxiety, fear of the unknown, and fear that something will go wrong with the redesign and launch.

Jonathan Shariat on the tragic impact of bad UX design

A talk with Jonathan Shariat, a Silicon-Valley based director of product & design. Most conversations about the value of user experience (UX) are in relation to what we can get from it: Supercharge conversions! Boost repeat business! Increase form completion rates! These things aren’t actually…

The Top 3 Best Websites Ever Made

Here at UserZoom we searched the depths of the internet and found the top 3 websites that are setting the standard for being the most up-to-date, creative and highly technological website out there today.