How BGL use UserZoom to gather information for better informed decisions

In this success story, discover how the BGL team used a mix of UserZoom methodologies from surveys to think out loud studies to optimize their Beagle street customers web experience.

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ING Spain – Aligning Customer & Business Goals

Due to the complexity of maintaining an outstanding and evolving digital banking experience, the UX team at ING Spain turned to UserZoom to help investigate, identify, and provide solutions to their needs. Download the full case study to learn more about how UserZoom is able to support ING in aligning their goals of their customers with the goals of their business.

Yodlee – Empowering A UX Team Of One

At Yodlee, UserZoom is able to provide a one-woman UX team with the scalable insights she needs to remain user focused and continue producing standout experiences that are fueling the changing face of financial technology.