How can we deliver quality credible results to stakeholders and decision makers in our company? How can we get it all done quickly and efficiently?

These are the questions that the e-commerce company’s small team of six UX researchers posed on a regular basis as they executed 42 research studies and 271,244 touchpoint surveys – all in 6 months.

By using multiple research methods to tell a more comprehensive story and utilizing right tools to execute efficiently, the company’s team was able to increase the confidence of the decision makers and save time and money on their research.


Reducing the number of calls to the call center

The e-commerce company wanted to reduce the number of customer support calls from users. Most of the calls involved users who wanted to update their account information, such as email, password, or credit card information that was linking to their account.

As any organization that cares about customer experience, the e-commerce company wanted to make it easier for people to serve themselves online instead of having to call the call center.


Right tools and methodology get the job done

The company’s Senior UX Researcher describes how this problem was solved using UserZoom’s solution and having the right methodology in place. “As a first step to tackle this problem, we wanted to truly identify the top tasks that users came to perform when they hit the profile page. Conducting a true intent study with UserZoom would be a right methodology to use in this case.

In the second step after identifying the top tasks, we really wanted to understand how users thought about updating their profile, their settings, and what their mental model for servicing their account was.” To do this, the company’s research team decided to use a card sort exercise to see how people group items.

“And lastly, after we finally used inputs from steps #1 and #2 into creating a new design, we wanted to know what our users actually thought about it. Conducting a usability study was the best way to handle that,” adds the UX Researcher.


  • Were able to recruit more users across several geographies
  • Were able to deliver credible results to stakeholders with more confidence
  • Saved time and money on their research

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