Monster is the leading global online employment solution for people seeking Jobs. Monster used UserZoom to perform a usability test of their international sites to test and measure the new user experience of their new websites.


Monster delivered incremental changes to UI Project REDUX was a redesign of the entire site, offering new products and a new user experience. Monster needed an objective method to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this new user experience.

  1. Measure user satisfaction in 5 key markets,
  2. Measure task success and efficiency and identify usability issues as users complete common tasks,
  3. Evaluate ease of use and likelihood of using Monster in the future,
  4. Collect data on users’ likes as well as their pain points
  5. Compare results with past remote studies and develop benchmarks.


Monster run with UserZoom a remote, international usability study in US, UK, France, Germany and Netherlands. 250 participants were recruits per country (total = 1250). Each participant completed 4 tasks; each task was followed by a series of questions and a final questionnaire Collected clickstream data to generate heat maps, which provided additional data on user behavior.


UserZoom helped Monster build a better user experience using large sample sizes across different markets, identifying opportunities for improvement in a very short period and capturing longitudinal metrics to demonstrate improvement over time.

Monster managed to triangulate results with other sources of data (marketing studies, web analytics, heuristic reviews, lab studies) to help product, development and UX teams make informed decisions based on actual data. We bring a holistic approach to our research strategy and share the entire user experience, we are building a better UX team.

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