How we redesigned the UserZoom site with UserZoom

We recently shared how we dogfooded the UserZoom platform using UserZoom. What we didn’t talk about was how we were simultaneously redesigning our website with UserZoom as well!

The two most important outcomes we were after was a seamless experience for our users across the product from website to platform, and to better educate new visitors on what we offer. This is why we developed both in tandem; to make sure that everything from the look and feel to the messaging was contributing to these goals.

After a lot of hard work and iterations, we’re proud to announce the new and improved UserZoom site. Take a look!

Looking back

Like all good UXers and designers, we’ve always strived for elegance and simplicity. We’re big enough to admit that the previous website was neither of these things. In part this was due to the robustness of the platform. I mean, just take a look at the old solutions section.

That’s a lot to try and get across! On top of this, we were making our solutions pages too-wordy, and overly complex.

Another thing we knew, both from internal and external testing, was that our homepage wasn’t educating users to the extent that we were after. People weren’t confident when we asked them what UserZoom offered, or often only understood a part of our solution.

Being able to communicate something complex in a simple way is a skill we’ve been cultivating, however. We knew we had a lot to tackle, but we were also excited to start the process.

Redesigning begins!

We began where most redesigns begin – on a whiteboard in a back office heavily supplied with strong coffee. We immersed ourself in the feedback and began to sketch out page layouts.

We digitized and tested these early page layouts to hone in on the messaging and layout. After we gathered feedback it was back to the drawing board – literally.

With this base testing done, we bid farewell to our (many) whiteboard sketches and moved onto creating digital versions in Sketch for the next phase of design and testing. One of the other things we knew we wanted to work on from the very beginning was a new icon set that closely matched the icons being developed for the platform. This is why we also collected feedback on a new iconography set.

Effort comes to fruition

Having a brand new product experience was the catalyst that motivated us to revamp the website. Seeing the excellent work the product team was producing inspired and pushed multiple teams to come together and make this website redesign the labor of love that it was. The best part? We were able to objectively accomplish the goals we set for ourselves, starting with simplifying and educating.

Remember the old solutions tab with over a dozen links? Thanks to the card sorts and tree tests we conducted, we were able to simplify the solution menu to 4 main categories.

Sayonara, old Craigslist-looking solutions tab. Hello, new intuitive solutions tab. Not only were we able to condense the solutions into easier to understand buckets that matches the product experience, we were also able to improve upon the solutions pages.

I told you we’d been hard at work practicing how to communicate something complex in a simple way. Speaking of, our new homepage is already performing better at educating new visitors about the platform.

Needless to say, we’re proud of how the site turned out and we hope that you enjoy the new and improved UserZoom.