We have some exciting news to share! We recently redesigned our website. In order for a redesign to be highly effective, it must stem from the understanding of what works for users and what doesn’t. It’s only natural that an organization’s needs change over time and users’ needs do, too. Within this redesign, our aim was to respond to these needs and create a simpler, more pleasant experience on our web and mobile site. Going beyond just creating a new look & feel,

Some highlights include:


An all-in-one, worry-free solution to manage UX

Within our new site learn all about UserZoom’s Research Software for Unmoderated Remote User Testing, Professional Services & Participant Recruitment. Utilize UserZoom at every stage and test throughout the whole product development lifecycle. How does our all-in-one worry free solution help you manage UX?
Explore our new UserZoom at a Glance Page



 New Professional Services

At UserZoom we’re more than just software. Included as part of the solution are a handful of services such as Building Studies, Recruiting Participants, Collecting Data, Analysis & Reporting–it’s truly worry-free. Visit our Professional Services Page to learn more.




Largest Database of Remote Unmoderated User Testing Resources

Our team of UserZoomers strive to bring you relevant, definitive content that complements your UX and CX research. Featured in our resources section, check out our selection of content dedicated to Remote Unmoderated User Testing 



Here are a few new design enhancements that make your experience worthwhile:



New Single-scroll Format

With our site now laid out in a single-scroll format, every page provides related content to keep you highly informed and steadily on-track.





Images to Help Tell a Better Story

At UserZoom, we believe that storytelling is important to the user experience. With our newly redesigned site, we do our best at providing you with big pictures, so you get the big picture. 





Reworked Menu Structure

Easily navigate through our site with our reworked menu structure. Find exactly what you want when you need it most. Think it’s time to evaluate the findability, labeling & organization of your website’s structure, too? See how our Card Sorting and Tree Testing solutions can work for you.



Want to be part of the feedback process? We’re all ears!

Have you ever been part of a redesign project? If so, you might agree that it is not just a one-time, get-it-done process. In looking for ways to keep your experience positive, we’ve setup a Voice of the Customer/True Intent study, so we can gather your direct feedback in real-time. Participate in our study and: tellus