We made it! After more than a year of backend and UI development, the UserZoom Results transformation will finally be complete and ready to launch on 30 July 2019.

What started as a beta in October 2018 is now a wholly redesigned Results experience.

We did this so our customers can more effectively and efficiently review study results, allowing them to glean the UX insights that are critical to confident decision-making and so important to share with stakeholders and executives.

During this whole process we drank our own champagne by working with our customers and doing the UX research using our own platform to understand their pain points and needs. But have we crossed the finish line yet? Of course not. Just like any software product, we will continue to listen to our customers, refine what we’ve built, and deliver value-add capabilities that increases the speed to UX insight.

After all, UserZoom is the UX Insights Company™!

What’s New?

In the forthcoming 19.3 Summer Release you’ll find new Click Test and Tree Test Results, so you can make faster design, site structure and navigation decisions.

Again, we drank our own champagne by enlisting our customers to help us reveal their pain points in the current UserZoom experience and came up with a product that more efficiently and easily surfaces key UX insights.

The improved Click Test Results will show an aggregate summary at the top of the page so users can quickly get a feel for performance, with median time on task, success rates, and other useful information featured. And the default Results view is now a heatmap, so you can see at a glance where users are clicking and whether they were successful.

Oh, and time-on-task per participant? Got it! This was the #1 requested enhancement from our Ideas Portal… you asked and we listened!

With our new Tree Test Results, you’ll be able to quickly determine if customers were successful by viewing a tree chart that shows where customers selected a menu item.

You can also drill down to look at individual participant paths (and time-on-task) to determine if there was any navigational confusion by looking for backwards arrows (that indicate going back up the tree structure).

What’s Next?

I’m glad you asked! As we continue to see UX research democratized across organizations, it’s becoming apparent that you need a way to collaborate with one another throughout the product development lifecycle – from the study-build process all the way through to the presentation of your results to stakeholders and executives.

To help foster that collaboration we’re working on capabilities that will allow you to better communicate among research, design, and product teams. How exciting would it be to use #hashtags to create themes and give you a view into disparate results across studies that tie back to that theme? We’re working on it!

And wouldn’t it be great if you could create a custom report to pull in all the useful nuggets of UX insight and then present those results from within UserZoom? Boom, we’re working on that too!

From all of us at UserZoom, a heartfelt thank you to all our customers who helped make this Results transformation possible. We couldn’t have achieved this without you taking the time to tell us your pain points, give us feedback on iterative designs, and encourage us to +1 on what our competitors offer!