This article was originally posted on The Deep End’s blog. A huge thank you to Wes McDowell

Every year, web and user experience designers can expect to see list after list of the newest trends to hit the scene

While most of these lists simply talk about the “flavor of the month” visual styles, the team over at The Deep End Web Design have come up with a list with a twist — each trend has serious potential to actually increase user engagement, and ultimately conversions.

Some have actually been put to the test, while others are simply too new. But in every case, the trends were judged with known user experience best practices in mind. We can say with some degree of certainty that these trends show great promise based on what we know about user behavior.

Since there are no magic bullets in UX design, it’s important to use each carefully, and only when it actually makes sense for any given project. There are no one-size-fits-all answers, and at the end of the day, these trends all depend on a well-planned execution for maximum impact.

Enjoy the following infographic, and start planning how you can use a combination of these trends to increase conversions on your next project!