Client Services Direct of UserZoom, Kim Oslob, provides some tips on creating a great Voice of the Customer VoC and Analytics implementation followed by a step-by-step HOW-TO:


UserZoom’s Voice of Customer (VoC) solution combines a handful of ways to capture exactly what users think about your website. By adding the analytics component, our VoC solution becomes even more powerful, allowing you to link and track data to your respective analytics vendor.


UserZoom’s Voice of Customer (VoC) solution makes it easy for you to find out important metrics like:

  • Who are the users that visit your website?
  • Why do they visit?
  • Are they able to navigate successfully?
  • Would they recommend your site to others?

With “+Analytics” added to the equation, you can integrate UserZoom’s survey data with your Web Analytics vendor (such as Google Analytics or Omniture) and link user voice metrics such as satisfaction ratios or Net Promoter Score to clickstreams and other traffic data. Additionally, you can:

·See filtered traffic data for particular metrics (traffic vs. gender, traffic vs. questionnaire response)

Customize event tracking that’s important to you by setting variables based on responses collected through the survey. (This means that you can see, for example, traffic data only from users that had a specific intent or satisfaction ratio)

Analyze the WHY behind your analytics!


1. Create your VoC study by selecting the “Create New Project” tab in the UserZoom tool.
2. Select “True Intent” in the UZ Manager Tool.
3. After the study has been created, select the “Web Analytics Integration” options from the setup menu in your study
4. Set the “Tracking Status” to ON
5. Input your analytics account number (i.e. UA – xxxxxx – x)
6. Select specific events & custom variables you would like to track
7. Save and complete the design of your study!