“The new homepage design was all ready to go, and we were excited to launch.

As the team discussed our rollout plan, we all agreed that testing the design before launch would be the right thing to do—we are, after all, focused on user-centered design. The problem was doing testing in a timely manner, while still gathering enough information to make sure our new homepage would provide a fantastic experience for our readers.”

This was the state of things when Marli Mesibov, Editorial Director at UX Booth, reached out to us about leveraging UserZoom to run a test on UX Booth’s new homepage design. Being huge fans of the site we of course agreed and asked Marli if she would write about her experience with our platform.

Testing a new design should be easy & provide valuable feedback. With UserZoom, we were able to do bothClick To Tweet

We’re happy to announce that Marli’s write up is live on UX Booth! You can read a step-by-step of the process – everything from their planning, to setting up the study in UserZoom, to reviewing the results.

“Ideally, testing a new design should be easy to do, and it should provide valuable feedback. With UserZoom, we were able to do both – even on a tight timeline, with limited availability. We recommended UserZoom before based on individual experiences and stories from our readers. Now we recommend them even more, based on our experience at UX Booth.”

Thanks Marli and the rest of the team at UX Booth. We’re looking forward to the new homepage!

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