Making UX Work London - Speaker Sessions Benchmarking for UserZoom

John Waterworth




Michael Holland

John Waterworth, Head of User Research, and Michael Holland, User Researcher, from Government Digital Service introduced the platform, which is the central publishing platform for all of government in the UK. Government Digital Service are constantly iterating within agile to improve their vast array of products. They utilise lab research and UserZoom to carry out iterative benchmarks of their most common and most used journeys in order to develop a product roadmap and make improvements.

Benchmarking with UserZoom

Catherine Wilson
Aer Lingus

In her presentation, Catherine Wilson shared how Aer Lingus have carried out scaled competitor benchmarking to understand best-in-class themes for different key products within the airline customer journey, from research and booking, through to check-in. Benchmarks help to secure stakeholder buy-in for UX research and product development projects.

Amplifying Analytics with MoneySuperMarket

Louise Rowlands

Discover how MoneySuperMarket have been able to integrate UserZoom alongside their Multi-Variate Testing solution in order to run a market-defining research project for their energy products.Louise also shared some detail on the added level of insight UserZoom has generated for their digital team.

Atom Bank - Benchmarking with UserZoom

Nick Wiles
Atom Bank




Michael Sherwood
Atom Bank




Liam Dexter
Atom Bank




Nick Wiles, Michael Sherwood, and Liam Dexter from Atom Bank gave a fascinating perspective on how they have created customer experience metrics from the ground up within their exclusively app-based challenger bank, which is revolutionising the way consumers can save and borrow.

Atom deploy UserZoom with their customer panel to carry out Think-out-loud testing, Card Sorting and Tree Testing - all within the app. Returning to a common theme, they shared how they are able to create a Single Usability Metrics (SUM), by combining the ease of use, task success, and time on task information that UserZoom automatically generates. This enables them to easily track and communicate the overall experience with their stakeholders.