Lean & Collaborative UX for Agile: Why We Acquired Validately

Alongside the announcement that UserZoom has acquired Validately, I wanted to go into more detail around the 'why' behind the deal. Watch the video below…

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Nine tips for improving UX in marketing emails

Marketing emails are an effective way to keep in touch with your customer base, recommending relevant products and keeping customers informed about sales and special events. With so many marketing emails landing in people’s inboxes, emails need to work hard to catch the user’s attention…

UX Battle of the Week: Ikea vs Made

UserZoom ran a quick competitive UX benchmark study between Ikea and Made, some of the UK’s largest furniture retailers, to see how users experienced navigational and core tasks, as well as how they rated their overall experience on these websites.

Craigslist: success without design

Craig Newmark moved to San Francisco at the height of the internet boom in the mid-1990s. He found it hard to make friends and meet connections in the industry, so he started a newsletter. Just a simple, regular email listing local developer meet-ups and events…