The Human Touch: how your digital interfaces can help keep users company in lockdown

We’re all going through something right now. For many people, this is the most isolated they’ve ever been and your service may offer them the…

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Recipes for Cooking Up a Successful UX Team

If I asked a room full of people what their favorite dish is, I’d get a roomful of different answers. An extra spicy, four alarm, have-to-sign-a-waiver-before-eating chili may be someone’s idea of a good time but most likely wouldn’t please everyone. Similarly, if I asked…

Peek Inside UserZoom’s New San Francisco Office

Earlier this year, we highlighted UserZoom’s explosion of growth as we continue to pursue our mission of offering the top usability testing solutions in the industry. Staying true to the trend, we expanded into a new office in San Francisco to house our rapidly growing…

A Snapshot of 4 Competitive UX Benchmarking Studies

Business has always been a fierce competition over a single scarce resource – customers. This is not a bad thing (especially for said consumers) but it does mean that businesses must be keenly aware of how they stack up to the competition in order to thrive. This is where UserZoom can help you.

A Visit From Jakob Nielsen

UserZoom was thrilled to have one such local hero swing by our office yesterday for a chat with our Co-founder & Co-CEO, Alfonso de la Nuez, about something near and dear to our hearts – remote usability testing.

The Top 3 Best Websites Ever Made

Here at UserZoom we searched the depths of the internet and found the top 3 websites that are setting the standard for being the most up-to-date, creative and highly technological website out there today.