Will You Be At The Biggest Event in Customer Success?

This is it. The big one. If you work in any post-sales or customer-facing role, you simply can’t afford to miss the definitive global networking and learning conference in Customer Success.

We Will, And Here’s Why

We believe that UX is Customer Success’ best friend. If your product offers great UX, the CS Manager can focus on what really matters: Customer happiness and engagement. If your product doesn’t deliver great UX, the CS Manager will be like a fire fighter desperately keeping up with the fires from tickets and issues that arise from bad design. After all, the best CS service you can provide is one that proactively addresses a customer’s need, and great UX gives you the head start you need.

Why You Should Attend

DEEP LEARNING: You don’t need another session trying to convince you Customer Success is worth the investment. You need hands-on networking, cutting-edge best practices, and the most recent data on trends, tactics, and forecasts.

ELITE SPEAKERS: Get more from your conference than a TED Talk. Our speakers are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to bringing you engaging, informed perspectives you can’t get in a YouTube video.

SMART NETWORKING: This is a promise: there’s no other event on the planet where you’ll have the chance to network with more than 4,000 Customer Success professionals. We’ve got a plan to help you make lasting connections without being overwhelmed.

We’ll See You There

Come meet Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO and Co-Founder of UserZoom, and Amanda Schmidt, SVP of Global Customer Success, and sit in on their informative talks.

Talking to Your CEO About Customer Success

Tuesday May 9th at 2:15pm

Your CEO has a million things on her or his mind at any given time. So how do you make space for Customer Success in your conversations? Talend’s Nello Franco and Mike Tuchen and UserZoom’s Alfonso de la Nuez give practical, actionable advice for getting CSM on your CEO’s mind.


  • Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-Founder & CEO at UserZoom
  • Nello Franco, SVP, Customer Success at Talent
  • Mike Tuchen, CEO at Talend

Jumpstart Success With Hands-On, Strategic Onboarding
Thursday May 11th at 2:50pm

Almost all churn begins during onboarding. That’s when the earliest seeds of failure are planted. But with hands-on, strategic onboarding, you can give each client the best opportunity to succeed and ultimately renew and expand. Get actionable tactics for onboarding in this session.


  • Amanda Schmidt, SVP Global Customer Success at UserZoom
  • Rima Campbell, Customer Success Onboarding Manager at UserZoom

If You’re Attending We’d Love to Meet Up

If you’re not already attending, you can register on-site. Already registered? Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of UserZoom’s CSMs!

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