For this week’s #UXchat, we pull back the curtain of the UX community and get to know one another, asking the questions who are you, what are you doing here and how did you get in without a key?

But then after we calmed down, we asked them about their careers in UX, with regard to starting out in UX, the support they receive and give to others, and the importance of diversity in UX design.

Just in case you’re new to UXChat, here’s a little background to our weekly UX conversation where you can rub virtual shoulders with some of the most knowledgeable ‘UXperts’ on the planet, every Thursday at 4pm.

This conversation was hosted by Mira Nair, digital marketing manager and digital transformation leader at PA Consulting as well as a passionate voice in the UX community. You’ll see many of Mira’s helpful comments throughout the following conversations.

What drew you to UX?

First we asked the community what motivated them to learn UX in the first place. And although everyone’s story here is different, the one common thread is how important it is to design for the people who actually use the product first.

What does diversity mean to UX?

We then asked about the impact of diversity on UX design. As you should expect, the benefits are only positive – less bias, more creativity, wider representation, stronger challenges to way ‘things ought to be done’.

Do you mentor anyone?

Finally we asked the UX community whether they have or are currently mentoring any UX designers?

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Main image by William White.