The blogs every UX pro & enthusiast should keep their eye on.


If you’re reading this article right now, you’re aware that there are a whole bunch of user experience blogs out there. If you work in UX you’ve probably heard of most of them already. If you are new to online user research, or are just looking for fresh UX content, check out the list we put together. We handpicked 10 blogs for UX pros and user research enthusiasts and present them to you in no particular order.

Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group is a user interface and user experience consulting company. Its founders, Jakob Nielsen, Donald Norman, and Bruce Tognazzini, are regarded as pioneers in the field of human-computer interaction. Their posts and articles are about web usability, user testing, mobile devices, e-commerce, user behavior, interaction design and more.

Usability Geek

Owned by UX evangelist Justin Mifsud, Usability Geek provides tips and advice about usability, user experience, usability testing, business, tools and technology. New blog posts are published twice a week. This blog is a must-read for every UX pro and expert to be.

Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is a blog dedicated to discussing and improving graphic design, interaction design, information architecture, and design of business. The guys from Boxes and Arrows also intent to promote the work of the information architecture community, writing about current and future issues related to IA.

UX Matters

UX Matters was founded by Pabini Gabriel-Petit in 2005. The blog provides the user experience community with insights and inspiration. No matter if you are a beginner or a UX pro, you will always find highly valuable information about user research from leading UX experts that share best practices. There is only one question that comes to mind when reading UX Matters: When will the design of the blog be updated?

UX Booth

A blog by and for the UX community. UX Booth is dedicated to sharing best practices about user experience and interaction design. Articles cover subjects from beginners to intermediate.

A List Apart

A List Apart focuses on web design, development, and content. Founded in 1998, this blog is full of interesting posts, columns, and articles related to the user experience, code and design cosmos.

UX movement

The authors at UX Movement write about which interface design practices work and which don’t. Articles like “Why Users Aren’t Clicking your Home Page Carousel” or “How Button Placement Standards Reinforce User Habits” show how good and bad practices affect the user experience in a hands-on way.

Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

The IDF is a nonprofit organization on a mission to make design education accessible to people across the globe. They offer professional-level courses while also giving access to a unique and extensive library of free articles and textbooks.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is all about web development. It is mostly directed to web designers and developers. Its portfolio ranges from coding, design, mobile, graphics, to content management systems and, of course, UX design.


MeasuringU is a quantitative research firm, helping companies answer questions about their software, websites and apps. Their blog contains a lot of valuable information on usability testing methods. The company´s founder Jeff Sauro is an experienced statistical analyst and expert in quantifying the user experience.

Extra: The UserZoom Blog

In our blog our own researchers and usability experts share their experiences with UX projects and usability testing. Their insights are enriched by tips, trends, and advice about remote un-moderated research. Articles range from beginners up to pro level and we even feature a UX Battle of the Week between well known brands. Have a look!

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